A contemporary conception

Despite an aesthetic decidedly inspired by historical models, the design of our instruments is very contemporary, in particular as regards the dam. The double X allows better control of the rigidity and timbre of the table during manufacture and therefore to be able to be more precise when it comes to the sound requirements of different musicians.

The parabolic top

My soundboards are parabolic and have a fairly important radius both on the braces and on the sides . This technique allows for a lighter construction without sacrificing its strength and stability, thus creating more powerful and responsive guitars.

the back

Unlike the traditional transverse bracing which enormously stiffens the back of an acoustic guitar and restricts much of its acoustic qualities, Blind guitars are all equipped with a thin and vibrant back with a wide X bracing. The latter allows a real expression of the character of the wood which composes each guitar as well as a better coupling with the frequencies of vibration of the soundboard. This truly results in a new dimension in the sound of your instrument.