« Blind Guitar is a tribute to 20’s and 30’s bluesmen and to their instruments.

Their sound marked deeply the sound of Blues, Rock and so many other musical genres.

Each model, each guitar is a direct reminder of this incredible culture and music wich has spread throughout the world and beyond, even in the recordings presents in the voyager 1 probe that sails today outside the solar system.


As a luthier concerned with the sound and the quality of his instruments, the original plans have been improved to bring more dynamics and more richness to the sound. I am convinced that the guitar must immediately become the extension of the musician. It must open up a maximum of possibilities of play and creation to the guitarist.

I make each guitar according to the playing, the affinities and the taste of each musician, with the aim of getting as close as possible to their desire while making them discover an instrument that pushes them towards new creative limits.

luthier blind guitar

"Dark was the night, and cold the ground
On which the Lord was laid"   

                       blind willie johnson