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My name is Virgile Pilon and i'm obsessed with guitars :

Their tone, their design, the way they mechanically behave.

I want you to find not only an instrument that fits you, but a new family member that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Blind Guitar is a tribute to 20’s and 30’s bluesmen and to their instruments.

Their sound marked deeply the sound of Blues, Rock and so many other musical genres.

Each model, each guitar is a direct reminder of this incredible culture and music wich has spread throughout the world and beyond, even in the recordings present in the voyager 1 probe that sails today outside the solar system.

As a luthier concerned with the sound and the quality of his instruments, the original plans have been improved to bring more dynamics and more richness to the sound.

I am convinced that the guitar must immediately become the extension of the musician.

It must open up a maximum of possibilities of play and creation to the guitarist.

I make each guitar according to the playing, the affinities and the taste of each musician, with the goal of getting as close as possible to their desire while making them discover an instrument that pushes them towards new creative limits.



Despite an aesthetic decidedly inspired by historical models, the design of my instruments is very contemporary, in particular as regards the bracing.

The double X allows better control of the stiffness and tone of the top during the building process and, therefore, to be able to be more precise when it comes to the sound requirements of each musicians.

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Fine handcrafted guitars with vintage vibes.jpg

My soundboards are parabolic and have a fairly important compound radius both on the braces and on the body of the guitar .

This technique allows for a lighter construction without sacrificing its strength and stability, thus creating more powerful and responsive guitars.

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Unlike the traditional transverse bracing which enormously stiffens the back of an acoustic guitar and restricts much of its acoustic qualities, my guitars are all equipped with a thin and vibrant back with a wide X bracing.

The latter allows a real expression of the character of the wood which composes each guitar as well as a better coupling with the frequencies of the vibrating soundboard.

This truly results in a new dimension in the sound of your instrument.

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